Sabtu, 12 Maret 2005

7 Steps To Keep Your Hands Clean:

Many diseases that are specific to our lack of hygiene, hand hygiene, here are 7 steps to keep your hands clean:

A. Wash your hands with soap, rub with a forward and backward.
Second Wash your hands and go back jari2 between the fingers.
Third Place your right index finger between the toes on the left with an open hand position.
4th Turn the five fingers of his right hand in left palm as much as 20x, and vice versa with the fingertips on the left.
5th Turn right and then to do it in the palm of his left hand back and forth rubbing rubbing, back and on his left.
Sixth hold the right thumb with your left hand and vice brush / and vice with the left hand.
This seventh rubbed his wrists from left to right. Rinse and dry.

easy to carry and great benefits. So do not turn off, wash your hands these days ..
Because it is easy to wash your hands at a level that is the medical standard, and it can not hurt the feeling of non-medical practice.
Start with a healthy lifestyle.