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Human Shortest and Smallest in the World

Jyoti Amge (Smallest Girl in the World)
Jyoti Amge Girl World's Smallest Man World's Shortest and Smallest

Jyoti Amge Shortest and Smallest Man in the World

Indian teenager Jyoti Amge 15 years is the world's smallest girl weighing about 5kg and height about 58 cm. He has a form of dwarfism called achodroplasia and will never grow taller. Although not so happy with his physical state, Jyoti is now proud to be the smallest in the world and he's got a lot of special attention from those around him. Jyoti have hopes that in one day He will get into Bollywood as an actress.
Stacey Herald (Mom World's Smallest)
Stacey Herald Mom World's Smallest Man World's Shortest and Smallest

The world's smallest mother has given birth for the third time - although he got a lot of warnings that he risked his life. Stacey Herald, who has only 70 cm high, was told that becoming pregnant could kill him, but he boldly challenged the doctor to have two babies half her height. 35-year woman from Dry Ridge, Kentucky, in the U.S. was diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which causes brittle bones and lungs develop, and meant he failed to grow. Mrs Herald, who uses a wheelchair, and her husband Will, who was about 175 cm tall, always eager each awaiting the birth of their baby. Because of his size, he could not prevent and teach her daughter to walk. No doubt, he had a lot depends on her husband. He recognizes when pregnant She feels very 'uncomfortable' and always lay in bed for weeks on end her pregnancy. The couple met in 2000 while working for a supermarket in their home town.
Gul Mohammed (The World's Shortest Man Ever Documented)

Mohammed Gul World's Shortest Man Ever Documented Shortest Man and World's Smallest

Gul Muhammad (15 Februari 1957-1 October 1997) New Delhi, India, according to The Guinness Book of World Records, the shortest man ever had his height and size independently verified. On July 19, 1990, he was measured by the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, New Delhi, India and he has a 57 cm high and weighs 17.0 kg. He died on October 1, 1997, of respiratory complications after a long struggle with asthma and bronchitis, which he suffered because he was a heavy smoker.
Edward Nino Hernandez (World's Smallest Man record holder September 2010)

Edward Nino Hernandez World's Smallest Man record holder September 2010 Shortest and Smallest Man in the World

Edward Nino Hernandez is officially known as the world's shortest living man on September 4, 2010, by Guinness World Records. At the age of 24 years Hernandez has a 0.7 m high, and weighs 10 kg. Hernandez lives in Bogota, Colombia, and his body does not grow anymore since the anniversary of the 2nya.Mengapa body growth stops, however, it remains a mystery. Record Hernandez ended on October 14, 2010 when Khagendra Thapa Magar of Nepal aged 18 expressed shorter than she.
Aditya "Romeo" Dev (Smallest Bodybuilders in the World)
Aditya Romeo Dev Bodybuilders World's Smallest Man World's Shortest and Smallest

Aditya "Romeo" Dev, who has only 0.84 m high is the world's smallest bodybuilder. Romeo is very famous in his hometown of Phagwara, India, for its ability to lift 1.5kg dumbbells - despite overall weight is 9 kg. Every day, crowds flocked to the local gym to see the mini-muscled man in training. While most dwarfs have larger heads than with their bodies, Romeo perfectly proportioned, and despite a small stature, his body has triceps, biceps, calves and thighs that would make many a grown man ashamed. He was recognized by the Guinness Book of Records in 2006 after three months of intense exercise.

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Seven Tribes of Man In The World Eaters

1. The Africans

African tribe

This continent may be a continent that still practice cannibalism or eating humans to date. Although it is invisible to the eye has never seen, many eyewitnesses reported the existence of the human organ trade activity there. Accompanied by evidence, many migrants missing while on vacation / passed there. Usually kidnappings carried out by criminal gangs. Mentioned also, at the time of the second Congo war and civil war in Liberia and Sierra Leone, frequent acts of cannibalism there.

2. TheAztec

Aztec Tribe

Aztec tribe is undoubtedly the most brutal tribes before the discovery of America by Columbus. They make use of human sacrifice thousands each year. Victims are usually removed in a state of heart that still beats while living. Then her body made dishes to eat a gang.

3. The Carib

Carib tribe

The name of this tribe that became the term for people who eat other people. This is known to be the first tribe in the world who do practice cannibalism. By sailors commonly called "The Carib people of the Lesser Antilles". This name given by Columbus on his record with the name "caniba" (which is another word of Kariba, which means "people who eat people"). The tribe of Caribbean cannibalism is usually done to the enemy, but since the introduction of Christianity to it, the culture slowly began to disappear.
4. Fiji

Interest rates fiji

Cultural cannibalism is also known to have spread in the area of ​​Polynesia and Melanesia. Fiji is known as a island of cannibalism. A Fijian chiefs admitted to consuming 875 people and is very proud of it.

5. The Korowai

Korowai tribe

Korowai tribe in Papua, Indonesia is known as a tribe that is still left in the world and perform cannibalism to the present. They usually eat the members of his tribe are suspected of being witches. Usually they eat the brain while still warm in the state. Their homes are usually located on top of tall trees that are useful to protect themselves from enemies.

6. The Maori

7 of Maori Tribes of Man In The World Eaters

Maori tribes in New Zealand is a tribe of cannibals who have documented very well. Cannibalism has been part of Maori culture and they never stop eating their enemies. When the British ship, the Boyd, anchored and the crew killed the son of the head of the Maori, the Maori warriors took revenge by killing and eating 66 crew. This incident is finally known as the "body massacre".

7. The Native Americans

Tribes Native American Tribes 7 Man In The World Eaters

In the early days of the conquest of the Americas, many historians recalled that Indian tribes in America to practice cannibalism. Although still a debate now, many who claim to have evidence kanibalesme practice by Indian tribes. For example Karankawa Indian tribes in Texas, in the year 1768 a priest who came from Spain to witness and record the Karankawa ritual performed to the enemy who were taken hostage. They surrounded the victim and in turn cut the skin / flesh of his victim and ate it in front of the eyes of his victims.

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Seven Places in the World Unique and Amazing

Earth where we live is indeed full of mystery, different in different parts, it turns out there are amazing sites, but also funny and full of mystery. Never mind the location, even the contents therein are also sometimes strange. Plant Predators still remember when eating? Such incidents are difficult to see others place. From the beautiful scenery of Tibet such as photos or beauty Amazing Full Moon, until a horrible like a great natural disaster, all exist on this earth. Here are 7 unique and odd places from around the world.

1. Guaira Falls, Brazil-Paraguay border Most people think of Niagara Falls is the largest in the world. Though Guaira Falls is the largest in the world by volume waterfall that reaches an average of 1.75 million cubic feet per-second. Compare with the Niagara Falls which is only 70,000 cubic feet per-second. Sources located in Guaira Falls frontier of Brazil-Paraguay, is the river Parana. In 1982, the Guaira waterfall was built dams for power generation with the name of Itaipu Dam which is now the second largest dam in the world's largest electricity producer after Gorges Dam. Itaipu Dam supplies electricity to 90 percent of Paraguay, and 19 percent to Brazil, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

2. Iceberg B-15, Antarctica Iceberg B-15 is the largest iceberg in recorded history. The extent of 3100 km, making it larger than Pulai Jamaica. Giant iceberg is due to fault Ross Ice Shelf in March 2000. Then in 2003, the iceberg B-15 is again split into several pieces, one of the largest so-called B-15a drift to the north, then fell into a glacier in 2005, leaving a fault along the 8 km. This makes major changes to the map of Antarctica and requires to be revised (map). Some drifted to finally run aground along the coast. In 2006, hurricanes in Alaska, causing a passing ocean waves up to 13,500 miles for 6 days to Antarctica, and separate the remaining fragments become more and more. Nearly a decade passed, the parts of the iceberg is still not completely liquid, the largest part is still considered sebagaii B-15a, with the vast field reached 1,700 km. The picture above is an iceberg called B-15a after drifting into the Drygalski Glacier (bottom), his final break up into several pieces.

3. Don Juan Pond, Antarctica The place where the highest salt content? Surely someone will call the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is world famous for very high salt content. Based on the research, the high salt content of sea water could be a medical therapy. No wonder that many around the Dead Sea spas built for therapy, particularly health and beauty therapies. But it turns out that terasin Dead Sea is not in the world. Precisely in the Antarctic is, rather Don Juan Pond, a lake with the highest salt content in the world. The comparison when juxtaposed with the sea in general, Don Juan Pond 18 times saltier than normal seawater, when compared with the Dead Sea, Don Juan Pond 8 times more salty. This location is discovered by Lt. Don Roe and Fl. John Hickey, in 1961, when both are doing research in Antarctica. The name of Don Juan Pond is also given by two researchers of this army, perhaps merging the two names. Temperatures in the pool was like a general in the Antarctic region, is quite low, with lows can reach -30 degrees Celsius. But never until frozen like other places in Antarctica.

4. Rotorua, New Zealand, Rotorua is a city in southern waterfront lake of the same name. Precisely at bay Plenty, North Island of New Zealand. The uniqueness of the region is the number of pools of hot springs, especially Pohutu Geyser at Whakarewarewa, and boiling mud-mud. The area was a unique and exciting, so much visited by tourists.

5. 83-42, Greenland's strange and unique. But 83-42 is believed to be the only area of ​​land in the north. It is only "a piece" about the size of 35 mx 15 m high and 4 m. When viewed from above, like just a speck of land surrounded by shards of ice. Unique! When the north pole is covered by ice, but the ground is not. See the pictures! The uniqueness is once again subvert the previous record which ATOW 1996. The uniqueness of 83-42 was found in 1998.

6. Socotra, Republic of the Yemeni Socotra oddest and most unique in the world. Almost everything in there looks strange, from the shape of the tree and its environment, it's no wonder many who call Socotra in the Yemeni Republic as one of the alien nest in the world. The place is very isolated, other dry climates than others. This anomaly could be the cause of plant life or anything on there grew a strange look. Call it a well-known plants such as Dragon's Blood Tree is strange, very unusual shape, looks like an umbrella. This tree produces a red sap. There also exist animals native animals such as birds, spiders and other native animals. Not to mention the rocks are also coral, whose shape is not common and there is only on the island. With all the strangeness content of the island, do not be surprised if Socotra, an island in the Arabian sea, into the World Heritage Heritage.

7. The Great Dune of Pyla, France All we know that Europe has no desert, sand dunes at best only mediocre. But this assumption is wrong. Europe has a unique dune Pyla ie, the length of 3 km, width 500 m and a height of 100 meters. These dunes are very steep part facing the forest. This place is famous for being the place of paragliding activity. In addition to the uniqueness of the dunes, which is also amazing is the surrounding scenery from the heights where we can see the sea and forest. Because the dunes are much higher than the forest, so that from the dunes we could see everything.

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Printer's Oldest Man Seven World Records

Elders taro, maybe the nickname is appropriate for some of these rare people. At the age when ordinary people are not able to do anything about it or even just sitting in a nursing home, they actually scored remarkable achievements

1. 71 Years - Mt Everest's Oldest Climber

Katsusuke Yanagisawa 7 Printer's Oldest Man World Record

The oldest human - men's groups - who never climb Everest is a Japanese named Katsusuke Yanagisawa (born March 20, 1936), a teacher, who climbed the northern part of the world's highest peak with Himex team on May 22, 2007 in the age to 71 years 63 days.

2. 100 Years - Women Tandem Peterjun Oldest

Estrid Geertsen 7 Printer's Oldest Man World Record

Estrid Geertsen, Danish nationals woman (born August 1, 1904), making a tandem jump record on September 30, 2004 from a height of 4000 meters above the town of Roskilde, Denmark, at the age of 100 years 60 days.

3. 98 Year - Oldest Human (Male) Complete Running a Marathon

Dimitrion Yordanidis 7 Printer's Oldest Man World Record

The oldest human being who successfully completed the marathon 26 miles (42 km) is a Greek runner named Dimitrion Yordanidis. Distance completed within 7 hours 33 minutes on a marathon in Athens, Greece on October 10, 1976 when he was 98 years.

4. 71 years - Ballerina Oldest

Charin Yuthasastrkosol 7 Printer's Oldest Man World Record

Charin Yuthasastrkosol, female American citizen who was born in Thailand December 30, 1930, begin to learn a new ballet at the age of 47. After that she performed a ballet routine and the last one did in front of Thailand's ambassador to the United Sakthip Krairikish in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA on July 21, 2002 at the age of 71 days 203 days.

5. 66 Years - Peski's Oldest Two Pole

Man's Oldest Printer images7 7 World Records

Peski oldest in the world in both the north and south poles are male German Norbert H. Kern (born July 26, 1940) who do sports skiing at the south pole on 18 January 2007 and the north pole April 27, 2007 at the age reached 66 years of 275 days.

6. 66 Years - Oldest Woman Childbirth

Maria del Carmen Bousada Lara 7 Printer's Oldest Man World Record

The world's oldest mother was Maria del Carmen Bousada Lara, from Spain who was born on January 5, 1940, which gave birth to a baby by Caesarean section at the time have reached age 66 years 358 days. No half-hearted grandmother gave birth to twins, Christian and Pau, Sant Pau hospital, Spain on December 29, 2006.

7. 76 Years - Combined Choir (Choir) Oldest

Tivoli Lovelies 7 Printer's Oldest Man World Record

The combination of the age of 10 dancers from the touring choir group Tivoli Lovelies (Australia), from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia is 746 years 147 days numbered as they appear in the October 12, 2004.

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Seven Famous Statue of Buddha in the World

7 Famous Statue of Buddha in the World:

7. Borobudur Buddha Statues Buddha Statue in Borobudur is a masterpiece of ancient Indonesian artists. All the Buddha statue here is in a sitting position but with a different hand. From the beginning there are 504 Buddha statues, 300 of them are damaged and 43 missing. Since the rediscovery of this temple, has a lot of dark collector who stole the Buddha head sculpture.

6. Gal Viharaya Located in Sri Lanka, Polonnaruwa is the site of one of the most famous Buddha statues in the world. Stone monastery was built by Parakramabahu the Great in the 12th century AD. In the middle of the monastery there are 4 large Buddha statue. Among the four statues of Buddha is a statue of Buddha lying along the 14 meters and a standing Buddha statue as high as 7 meters.

5. Ushiku Ushiku Daibutsu Daibutsu located in the city of Ushiku, Japan. Completed in 1995, this statue is one of the tallest statues in the world, stand up as high as 120 meters including 10 meters and 10 meters foundations lotus-shaped platform.

4. Temple of the Reclining Buddha is located in Bangkok, Wat Pho is famous for its huge statue of Buddha berbaringnya. This monastery is one of the largest and oldest temple in Bangkok, was built about 200 years after Bangkok became the capital of Thailand.

3. Great Buddha of Kamakura Great Buddha in Kamakura or Japanese Kamakura Daibutsu commonly called, is a monumental bronze statue of Amida Buddha (Buddha Amitabha) in the city of Kamakura, Japan. This statue stands peacefully on the ground Kotokuin which is a Buddhist temple flows the Holy Land, and the Buddha statue has become one of the important icons of tourism and social life in Japanese society.

2. Temple of the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok other famous temple is Wat Phra Kaew, the Emerald Buddha Vihara. Inside the monastery there is a statue of the Emerald Buddha, one of the oldest Buddhist statues and the most famous in the world. According to legend, the statue was made in India about 43 BC in the city of Pataliputra and be there for 300 years. In the 4th century AD, the statue was brought to Sri Lanka by Buddhist monks to rescue him from the wars being fought. Then the statue was brought to Thailand and moved to Wat Phra Kaew in 1779.

1. Leshan Giant Buddha Leshan giant Buddha statue is a masterpiece of mankind. This Buddha statue carved in a valley overlooking the sea directly in Sichuan, western China. Began to be made during the Tang Dynasty in 713, the statue has recently been completed in 803 (90 years) and involved the efforts of thousands of artists and sculptors. As one of the world's largest statue, the statue is also mentioned in poems, songs and stories.