Minggu, 13 Mei 2012

How to Make a Cool blog

How to Make a Cool blog , I mean the blog Blogger or Blogspot, because seven this blog with blogspot, blog, cool, very relative, because the taste of each person is different, ranging blogpun background that sometimes like black, as infonetmu, and some are like the white background.

This blog is not cool, how to make a nice blog sites. Look at the picture above, not cool? emm .. Nice .. pleased to see it .. The picture above and see a blog on this blog was cool and then you can continue pembacapun blog.

I can not say that this blog infonetmu cool because sometimes I even blogging as another friend of mine and want to maturity blogging. Emmm .. The neighbor's grass is greener than their own land and the blog.

Here are some ways you blog looks cool, how cool blog?

     1. Select the template that's cool.
      In the first step of the model nice blog you surely make you cold, download the model that you think is coolest. You can use templates to download Cool blog on my first post.
     2. Pairs of widgets that look cool
      Widget by which I mean, how is the realization of a long final message and the content daftat very good. and be content with jQuery, so cool.
     3. Pairs of parts to be cooled
     4. Couples also learn how to spam comments on your blog and make penbaca interaction in your article, give the impression of Facebook Comments on tan cool on your blog.
     5.Attach the float shares a cool
      Now, floating through the cool blog, read his article on the float shares on the blog to make

At least seven of these tips on how to make a nice blog, he can not with my blog, that's so messy too heavy

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  1. hi my name is Putra

    Those are simple to make the cool blog but it need "seriousness" from a blogger.

    sometimes a blogger give up before it happend :)

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  3. I really like these tips
    THese will help me to for ARK survival evolved blog e blog alot thanks