Senin, 24 Oktober 2011

Seven Popular comedian Indonesia

1. Entis Sutisna aka Sule Sule increasingly glitzy. He became one of the comedian's most expensive with an income of Rp 1 billion per month. In fact, several years ago the father of three children only as a seller around the village corn on the cob, fried chicken traders and kebaya. Cimahi career was born, 15 November 1976, it began to shine after successfully winning the race Comedian Auditions TPI (API) with the comedy group SOS. Just one year later, the name began to be taken into account Sule.

2.Aming Aming (full name Aming Supriatna Sugandhi; born 7 November 1980, age 30 years) is a comedian who is currently quite famous through a comedy show Extravaganza in Trans TV. In addition he also commercials, among them the fixed stars card advertising "United States" from Telkomsel. Aming a child to the 9th of 12 children. Aming commonly known as someone who almost always melakoni role as a woman or a transsexual. Aming is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology). Besides active in comedy Aming also known as a sitcom actress and presenter. Now Aming triumphed in Studio 1, a new comedy TV Trans.

3.Komeng Alfiansyah (born in Jakarta, August 25, 1970, age 40 years) (popularly called Komeng) is a comedian Indonesia. He is best known as host aired on SCTV Spontaneous since 1995 until now. Benjamin Sueb comedian is his idol. Elementary schools-high schools in Jakarta and studied at the Academy of Bank Indonesia (not finished).

4.Tukul Tukul Riyanto arowana, or better known as Tukul Arwana (born in Perbalan, Purwosari, Semarang, October 16, 1963, age 47 years) is a comedian and host of acaraIndonesia. Not known hammer Four event on its merit. In addition to being the perpetrator of entertainment, Tukul also pioneered the businesses engaged in the field of entertainment, called "Ojo Lali Entertainment". like to eat chicken noodle mbok Darmi. Since birth, he was named Riyanto, not Tukul Riyanto as known today. Because he was often ill, his name plus the word "Tukul" became Tukul Riyanto. Surprisingly, after the name was changed so, he became less ill. He was eventually nicknamed Tukul. At age 5 months, Tukul often sick cared for by neighbors, Kelvin. Parents Tukul, Abdul Wahid and Sutimah (late) who has four children willingly give Tukul, since Kelvin was eager to make Tukul as a foster child.

5. Warkop DKI (dono, casinos, Indro) Warkop or earlier Warkop Geronimo, also known as Trio Capital is a comedy group formed by Nanu (Nanu Mulyono real name), Rudy (Rudy Badil), Dono (Wahjoe Sardono), Casino (Casino Hadiwibowo) and Indro (Indrodjojo Kusumonegoro). Nanu, Rudy, Dono and Kasino is a student at the University of Indonesia (UI), Jakarta Indro while studying at Pancasila University, Jakarta. They first achieved success through events Chat Relax in the Coffee Shop which is filmed from Temmy Lesanpura, Head of Programming Radio Geronimo. Events jokes every Friday night between the hours of 20:30 until 21:15 o'clock, the radio broadcast by the regionally-based Geronimo Mendut, Prambanan, Borobudur, aka Edge Menteng. Excess Warkop than other comedy group, is the level of intellectual awareness of its members. Since most of the students (who later became some degree), then they are well aware of the need for professional and personal development of their group.

6. Aziz Aziz Stuttering Stuttering is a typical newcomer comedian with his stuttering omangan every show. Azis name became known when he became the play of the Opera Van Java comedy show with her friend Nunung, Andre Stinky, and Sule. In addition to the comedy show Aziz also be host / presenter on several tv shows including Beauty And Aziz, Opera Van Java, Derings. Currently azis an artist who has two wives and has been blessed with three children from her marriage with the second wife.

7. Eddy Supono (Parto patriotic) Original Name: Eddy Supono (born in Jakarta, 17 April 1961, age 49 years), better known as Parto patriotic a group member patriotic comedy trio. Together the two co-announcer at Radio SK, Akri and Eko, they founded the comedy group patriotic dated October 10, 1994. Achieved national fame by patriotic event at the station telvisi Ngelaba TPI. After their popular names, each member often find work for their own gig. Nevertheless, they remain committed to patriotic. In addition to frequently appear on the show with the theme of comedy, Parto also supports some comedy, including the soap opera-Okay Okay boss. And finally this year be hosted at the event Parto Opera Van Java in Trans7 and droll in the sitcom, titled trans7 OKB