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Seven Popular comedian Indonesia

1. Entis Sutisna aka Sule Sule increasingly glitzy. He became one of the comedian's most expensive with an income of Rp 1 billion per month. In fact, several years ago the father of three children only as a seller around the village corn on the cob, fried chicken traders and kebaya. Cimahi career was born, 15 November 1976, it began to shine after successfully winning the race Comedian Auditions TPI (API) with the comedy group SOS. Just one year later, the name began to be taken into account Sule.

2.Aming Aming (full name Aming Supriatna Sugandhi; born 7 November 1980, age 30 years) is a comedian who is currently quite famous through a comedy show Extravaganza in Trans TV. In addition he also commercials, among them the fixed stars card advertising "United States" from Telkomsel. Aming a child to the 9th of 12 children. Aming commonly known as someone who almost always melakoni role as a woman or a transsexual. Aming is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology). Besides active in comedy Aming also known as a sitcom actress and presenter. Now Aming triumphed in Studio 1, a new comedy TV Trans.

3.Komeng Alfiansyah (born in Jakarta, August 25, 1970, age 40 years) (popularly called Komeng) is a comedian Indonesia. He is best known as host aired on SCTV Spontaneous since 1995 until now. Benjamin Sueb comedian is his idol. Elementary schools-high schools in Jakarta and studied at the Academy of Bank Indonesia (not finished).

4.Tukul Tukul Riyanto arowana, or better known as Tukul Arwana (born in Perbalan, Purwosari, Semarang, October 16, 1963, age 47 years) is a comedian and host of acaraIndonesia. Not known hammer Four event on its merit. In addition to being the perpetrator of entertainment, Tukul also pioneered the businesses engaged in the field of entertainment, called "Ojo Lali Entertainment". like to eat chicken noodle mbok Darmi. Since birth, he was named Riyanto, not Tukul Riyanto as known today. Because he was often ill, his name plus the word "Tukul" became Tukul Riyanto. Surprisingly, after the name was changed so, he became less ill. He was eventually nicknamed Tukul. At age 5 months, Tukul often sick cared for by neighbors, Kelvin. Parents Tukul, Abdul Wahid and Sutimah (late) who has four children willingly give Tukul, since Kelvin was eager to make Tukul as a foster child.

5. Warkop DKI (dono, casinos, Indro) Warkop or earlier Warkop Geronimo, also known as Trio Capital is a comedy group formed by Nanu (Nanu Mulyono real name), Rudy (Rudy Badil), Dono (Wahjoe Sardono), Casino (Casino Hadiwibowo) and Indro (Indrodjojo Kusumonegoro). Nanu, Rudy, Dono and Kasino is a student at the University of Indonesia (UI), Jakarta Indro while studying at Pancasila University, Jakarta. They first achieved success through events Chat Relax in the Coffee Shop which is filmed from Temmy Lesanpura, Head of Programming Radio Geronimo. Events jokes every Friday night between the hours of 20:30 until 21:15 o'clock, the radio broadcast by the regionally-based Geronimo Mendut, Prambanan, Borobudur, aka Edge Menteng. Excess Warkop than other comedy group, is the level of intellectual awareness of its members. Since most of the students (who later became some degree), then they are well aware of the need for professional and personal development of their group.

6. Aziz Aziz Stuttering Stuttering is a typical newcomer comedian with his stuttering omangan every show. Azis name became known when he became the play of the Opera Van Java comedy show with her friend Nunung, Andre Stinky, and Sule. In addition to the comedy show Aziz also be host / presenter on several tv shows including Beauty And Aziz, Opera Van Java, Derings. Currently azis an artist who has two wives and has been blessed with three children from her marriage with the second wife.

7. Eddy Supono (Parto patriotic) Original Name: Eddy Supono (born in Jakarta, 17 April 1961, age 49 years), better known as Parto patriotic a group member patriotic comedy trio. Together the two co-announcer at Radio SK, Akri and Eko, they founded the comedy group patriotic dated October 10, 1994. Achieved national fame by patriotic event at the station telvisi Ngelaba TPI. After their popular names, each member often find work for their own gig. Nevertheless, they remain committed to patriotic. In addition to frequently appear on the show with the theme of comedy, Parto also supports some comedy, including the soap opera-Okay Okay boss. And finally this year be hosted at the event Parto Opera Van Java in Trans7 and droll in the sitcom, titled trans7 OKB

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Seven Rich World's Best Chef

These days, cooking show hosted by famous chefs become so popular. Besides being a lot of people trying to find alternatives to healthy foods, many also began to look at the profession as a chef or as cool, chef. Familiar that the profession of a cook or chef is currently so promising. Many of the chefs who become celebrity because of their television show became a hit, but not rarely successful because the recipes and cooking are very indulgent tongue. Forbes magazine has listed seven richest chefs in the world, in the first appears the name Rachel Ray. Woman who has 4 cooking programs on television has some 18 million dollars of income. Here is the list

1. Rachel Ray's Who is not taxable by Rachel Ray?. Ibuh household is arguably the most famous women in social gathering among mothers in America. Its ability to cook and organize household menjadikanya anyak contracted to bring the show-themed television households in America, and one of them, of course, cooking. Rachel Ray

2.Wolfgang Puck Behind the name of Rachel Ray, there was a man named chef Wolfgang Puck with an income of 16 million dollars per year. Austrian-born chef is entering the world of celebrity chefs from the ritzy Los Angeles Restourant in 1982. Wolfgang Puck

3. Gordon Ramsay Income 7.5 million dollars per year. British chef has his own restaurant in London, New York and Dubai. Gordon Ramsay

4. Nobuyuki Matsuhisa income of 5 million dollars per year. Chef with specialties shusi started his career as a fish cutter in Tokyo, Peru, Argentina and Alaska. Now a partner of the ownership Nobuyuki 17 Nobu restaurants around the world. Nobuyuki Matsuhisa

5. French chef Alain Ducasse is the owner of the restaurant empire with 22 restaurants stretching from Tokyo to Paris. Based on the record of Forbes Magazine, Ducasse has a revenue of 5 million dollars per year. Alain Ducasse

6. Paula Deen Queen of the South American food is dealing with two cooking events with motherhood. Loyal audience continues to grow day after day, not only that, the recipe book, memoir and magazine are all included in the row of best-seller. Paula Deen

7. Mario Batali The man dropped out of culinary school. But Batali did not give up so easily, he is now known as the master of Italian food and has 13 retoran in New York, Los Angeles and Las Vesgas. Annual income reaches $ 3 million Americans. Mario Batali

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Seven World's Greatest Astrologer

For some people, the forecast is a nonsense, so the forecasters in their eyes nothing more than a liar who likes making it up to get attention or cause a sensation. However, many indisputable fact, that in this world there are people who memamg was endowed by God with the power to see what will happen in future, even long after they died. Here are 7 great astrologer in recorded world history.

1. Astrologer Nostradamus Michel de Nostredame full name was born on December 14, 1503 at St.. Remy, a small town in France. This is considered the most famous astrologer in the world, making books about themselves and the predictions he made, is in great demand and sell well. Even the name of the seer is also the most sought after people over the internet. Name Nostradamus jumped after the results of his work entitled Les Propheties published in 1555. Since then, because the accuracy of his predictions, such as predictions about the French Revolution, Britain, Russia, and others, including attacks on the twin towers in New York on 11 September 2001, the forecast is always a close watch enthusiasts forecast that even a Jewish man with very accurately predicted his own death on July 2, 1566. Many believe that the ability of Nostradamus to predict, because he has the abilities of clairvoyance, the ability to "see" the future. Moreover, because both his grandfather also had this ability. During his life, Nostradamus made many predictions, estimated at more than 1,000 prophecies, written in the form of quatrain or four-line verse, which is divided into 10 parts and is called The Centuries. Unfortunately, each forecast is made too difficult to understand, because it contains elements other than random word game, there are also codes of numbers, anagrams, and symbology are mysterious. Even quatrain is not arranged in sequence, although the forecast was made for about the time when he was alive, until the present century and the next century, so the true incidence is made in order of time, period, and age, it becomes chaotic in the chronology. Michael Mc. Clellan, an observer of metaphysics as well as the reviewer Nostradamus, said the current 3 / 4 of all Nostradamus predictions remain unsolved, but leads to perustiwa that will happen in the present and future, as predictions of World War III, the killing of a former President of the United States George W. Bush, and others.

2. Vangelia Pandeva Seers Dimitrova, better known by the name of Pandeva Vanga was born on January 31, 1911 and spent her life living in Bulgaria, until he died on August 11, 1996. At age 12, this clairvoyant vision loss caused by the sand that enters the eye after he was swept away by a tornado. Vanga began to see the events in the future when he was 16 years old. Divination Vamga the most surprising and makes it a very famous when he predicted the sinking of the Russian nuclear submarine, Kursk, in August 2000. Because of this ability, a lot of famous people who met him for the sake of knowing their future. Among Hitler. According to the news, after seeing Vanga, Hitler went sadly. Vanga also predicted the attacks on the twin towers in New York on September 9, 2001. Forecasts made in 1989 reads: "Horrible, horrible! Ladies and Gentlemen, America will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. The wolf will howl in the bush, and many innocent people become victims. "

3. Forecasters Jucelino Nobrega da Luz, who was born in Brazil in 1960 was living as a teacher. He along with his wife and two children live a simple life. If other forecasters generally express predictions are disguised and can only be understood after the prophecies occur, contrary Jucelino; he expressed his predictions with accompanying date, month and year of the prophecy. Even equipped also with clear directions, and authorized notary bureaus or state postal service so that if anything happened to his predictions, he could be held accountable. Jucelino admitted, he began to be able to predict in 1969, when he was nine years old. Prediction came in a dream, as he witnessed first hand what will happen in the dream. When he was 19 years old, met Jucelino Franciscoshabiz, another Brazilian astrologer who had twice been nominated as a Nobel laureate. Since then his ability to see the future more and more sharp. Jucelino predictions concerning events that ended in 2043. Predictions that have proven is the death of Lady Diana and the earthquake and tsunami in Aceh on December 26, 2004. In 2043, according to the forecast Jucelino, 80% of the people killed by natural disasters Duni terrifying.

4. This American psychic Edgar Cayce was born in 1877 and died in 1945. He was nicknamed as "The Sleeping Prophet" because he was also able menghobati sick. Cayce, who was born in the village Hopkinsvill, had a hard life as a farmer, salesman, shoe store employee, and a photographer. But no matter how hard life lived, he diligently studied the Bible, so that everywhere he goes and wherever he is, the holy book always with him. At the age of 13 years, when sitting under a tree and reading a Bible, a woman approached Cayce claimed that he believed as a goddess. She was told that Cayce has heard all the prayers of God, and God will grant whatever he asked. Cayce said if he wanted to be able to help others, especially the young child who is sick. Since then Cayce as a doctor who can heal the sick, and even able to see what will happen in the future when he was alive or after (future). That predicted, among others, World War I and II, the stock market collapse of 1929, India's independence, and the State of Israel. Until now, there are still many Cayce forecast that has not happened, and it is believed many people will surely become a reality, such as earthquakes in a row that will be killing many people and impact on the breakup of continents and changed the map of the world, as well as the return of Atlantis, the lost state devastating tsunami thousands of years ago.

5. Mother Shipton is England's legendary female fortune-teller. He was born in 1488 with a small name Ursula. According to the news, this woman not only has the ability to see the future, but also transform objects into stone! Many Mother Shipton prophecies that have been proven, like the great fire of London in 1666, and the defeat of the Spanish fleet in the war in 1561. Shipton prophecy of the most horrendous is when he predicted about modern technology in detail. For people who live in the 1500s, predictions can be practically absurd and crazy, but at the moment there is no transportation technologies, Mother Shipton was saying: "water under the shell to walk, ride Marshall, Marshall sleep and talk; in the water shell to be seen, in white, in black and in green ... Marshall iron in the water float, as easy as a wooden boat "

6. Forecasters Sollog existence can only be traced through the internet, because of who he is and how he could see the future, is still very mysterious. Though he was the one who predicted the death of American President John F. Kennedy was shot in Dallas, the tragic death of Princess Diana, even she also predicted the WTC tragedy and the shootings at schools in America. According to the newspaper, Sollog was arrested in 1995 for giving information to the newspapers in America about the events to come. In 1996, Sollog released, but its existence remains mysterious. Even the FBI menyembunyiakan all files about him, so anyone who intends to track the identity of these forecasters, will be in vain. In fact, four months before the WTC twin towers were attacked, Sollog has informed the American government about the existence of this attack. Still, the U.S. government deliberately did not want to like this astrologer known to man, and be interviewed. The story of Sollog was like in the movies mystery. If you're curious and want to know what is foreseen Sollog, just go on the internet Hopefully your curiosity remedied.

7. Jayabaya name is certainly no stranger to fans of divination, because this is Indonesia, which forecasters can predict until well into the present, although forecasters was born in 1135 in the kingdom of Kadiri. Jayabaya publicly known through a book called 'Term Jayabaya', a book which contains predictions about the condition of Indonesia since he lived, until one day before the apocalypse. Jayabaya prophecies were not written himself, but written by the MPU and MPU Sedah Panuluh, a writer and a teacher. If the total, Jayabaya forecast contained in the Long Jayabaya there are about 216 prophecies. While still alive, Jayabaya already knew that one day Indonesia will be colonized by the Netherlands and Japan, because in the prophecy is mentioned, that there would be white people who will take over Indonesia, and after that the power was taken over by the yellow-skinned people.

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Seven Animals that many hated Man

1. Hair Lice As the name suggests, these animals grow at a human hair. If the stomach is empty, lice hair gray. Lice on this one for his life by sucking blood on human head. When sucking blood, these animals spend an enzyme to slow the blood clotting process. Head lice can not fly, only to jump from one head to another person.

2. Named Rot fleas bedbugs may be due to a very foul smell. These animals are often found on the edges of the mattress which had been worn, pillows, and the curves of wood. These animals consume human blood to stay alive. Bite is not a trace, but the bite is itching to give a reaction. These animals can survive for months without consuming the blood and eventually die with the body's drought. Interestingly, these animals can live a normal life even though his body had been cut in half.

3. Rats Rats are known as the most harmful pests. Mice will not visit a place, but will be destroyed. Because it is often cut off basic ingredients of human needs, most people would immediately kill the animal if they see this one. Efforts are being made to exterminate rats, but according to the study, rats are very strong body of toxins of any kind even though rat poison.

4. Who likes mosquitoes with a mosquito. Mosquitoes are labeled as the most annoying animal in bed. Mosquitoes typically live and breed in stagnant water, used goods, and in places where water reservoirs. Mosquito bitten body will form tiny red bumps due to mosquito bite secretes enzymes at the time of the human body. You know, the only female mosquitoes who consume human blood, whereas male mosquitoes only suck the juices of flowers. This is done by a female mosquito to her eggs meneaskan.

5. Flies Flies are a source of disease. The reason, he often encountered in dirty places and often perch on the food. Sometimes these animals are also often overrun humans even perch on the human body. Flies are difficult to kill an animal that is considered as a very disturbing human life.

6. From cockroaches, dirty places up in the common cockroach wardrobe. Most people have a phobia about animals on this one. Many people are amused to see the cockroaches, so most people do not expect to see cockroaches. But did you know that cockroaches can survive for 9 days even though his head had been cut.

7. Leeches Leeches are blood-sucking animals. If it is inherent in the human body, the leech is very difficult to be released if not feel full. There are ways to remove leeches separate from the body, namely by giving saline. Despite the disadvantage, there are also people who use leeches as a treatment medium.