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7 Easy Ways To Body Slim

The loss of weight is equal to the burning more calories in the body. If you sit down at the computer all day if you snack, do not be surprised if your body is fat enough.

Tips for cutting which can be used in the office:

A. Replace snacks
When filled in this small pot on your desk more often with chips or nuts, now is the time you put a bowl of green salad or fresh vegetables.

Second Drinking Water
This proposal is famous for health, but very good. Drink a glass of water for at least 8 glasses per day at the office.

Third place lunch
Regular lunch time. Although not eat too much, it helps if your lunch from home. Besides being more efficient, you can portion sizes and know exactly how many calories you consume.

Fourth the volume of the meal
Catch limit on portion size. If you ate a serving of rice, start reducing the amount of 3/4 percentage be set at 1/2 servings.

Usually the fifth move
Busy office is often no time to get your pool or workout in the gym. Therefore, use the stairs as a way to practice. Even if you live near the office, running Akilah, giving you the time to leave for 10-15 minutes per harinya.Renny Agustine05 merchandise

6th Do not forget to exercise
Many exercise, does not mean you can miss practice. Be a permanent member of a gym near the office. Make at least 1-2 times a week for exercise. You can use the right type of interest, swimming, tennis or aerobics.

7th Invite a friend Close
To be more excited to work together to invite close friends or colleagues downsizing of the program-making agency. So you can give each other support during office hours, during lunch, with the regime, and sports together after work or on weekends.

Who wants to be fit and slim. In addition to the lump of fat around the abdomen may be more superficial than normal, you have an ideal weight naturally and healthy.

Ideal body weight in each country and culture has its own criteria. Therefore, the WHO is a measurement / The classification is not based on cultural prejudices. Charge, for example, who (1998) have a normal BMI of 18.5 and 24.9 kg/m2 were two points lower for the adult population of Asia, namely from 18.5 to 22.9 kg/m2.

Of all types of measurement methods, the most useful and widely used to measure the level of obesity is a BMI (Body Mass Index). Parts by weight of relatively simple to calculate, and (in kg) by the square of the length (in meters). If your BMI is, after more than 25, meaning that the plans should begin to appear more healthy and vibrant calculated.

Pattern Set Sports and Nutrition

A. Start with the habit of eating food waste of any kind to break.
It is time for you to be selective in choosing foods and avoid harmful fats in the body. In addition to health, a process of weight loss is achieved faster.

Discipline at the second meal.
Breakfast is highly recommended because it is a source of energy until lunch to be. The next lunch as usual by reducing the amount of carbohydrates in the stadiums. Replace the evening meal with fruit that much water, such as watermelons, pears, citrus fruits and melons contain.
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Third Drink more water and less coffee or glass of sweet tea, because the sugar would only hinder the process of weight loss.

A fourth jogging 30 minutes at least 4 times per week.
Must be in the morning before leaving for the office or in the evening after work. No harm to enroll in a gym, there are teachers, to give advice and perkembanan can control your weight.

By adjusting the diet and exercise, you will look slimmer and fitter all the time.

Selasa, 28 Februari 2012

7 Ways to Show Love In Husband

Appear not only for Valentine's Day alone, eight in everyday life, of course, a healthy man in love relationships and marriages. Here are the seven and affection for her husband.

Activity A. for the cushion
Panic is often in the morning, especially if the couple woke up too late or they meet in the office. In these circumstances, it is busy, try to love to kiss before leaving for prison labor. There is a feeling that will always support you.

Praise Second
Find out how much you love your partner and honor to give. One way is to make a man happy to trust them and how much they mean to you.

Third Surprises
There is nothing more exciting than to surprise someone special. You can often make a surprise for her husband, now, why do not you come to do the same for him. These surprises can be anything to buy things they need, make a favorite dish, or get sexy clothes and make jokes at once.

Respect the fourth pair
Enjoy everything that made his partner. For example, say "thank you" for what he had done, or you could say "you make me feel good." These convictions were told that the company is successful, he did.

Reduce painful attitude and fifth words
Test your behavior and words that recall often painful. If you know these two things have started to decline. Replace negative attitudes with positive things. For example, trying to remain an issue as to communicate a debate.

Sixth give a massage
The work builds up, the head of warning, or disagree with friends and the pressure was on their own to those who lived it. When he comes home in a bad mood and tired, can not hurt to give a neck massage and pungungnya, so it feels more relaxed.

Appointment Seventh Plan
Impressed, often makes it forget himself? Instead of complaining, why not try to make an appointment. Select a date to a date that means to you two, like a wedding or anniversary and calls him a popular restaurant, you can both visits.

Sabtu, 25 Februari 2012

How to remove blackheads with natural materials

How to remove blackheads with natural materials, such as what you had in the face of blackheads you're there and watched. Lack of trust, there are buttons on the face, let alone seen by others.
In fact, seem to be the points of the dirt that clog pores, through which the oil has just to be inhibited, or black dot.
In fact, the dots can be removed in many ways, does not require expensive treatments, you blackheads with natural ingredients that are all around us to remove it.

How to remove blackheads with the audience following natural ingredients:

Orange peel
Use the orange peel to get rid of blackheads, the orange peel mixed with water until a thick paste. After the Orange Bowl, which was put into the dough to the growth of blackheads. It is best to leave overnight. Rinse with clear water.

How about black spots like drops of lemon juice and water and bring it to remove blackheads, leave overnight. The acidic nature of lemon oil reduces blackheads and helps remove blackheads.

How to remove blackheads with protein, protein shake around, and add 1 tablespoon of fresh honey. Bring the entire face. Let dry for about 20 to 30 minutes. Then rinse with lukewarm water. Should be twice a week. How this is done to reduce appearance of blackheads and prevent new blackheads.

How to remove blackheads with toothpaste, apply the toothpaste on the blackheads, especially on the nose. Then let it dry toothpaste

How to remove blackheads with salt, wash your face once a day with warm water, salt is mixed. The salt is the excess oil to reduce eliminate other words, blackheads help.

Pieces of fruit
If blackheads with fruit pieces, fruit mix with a little water to remove pulp. Face and leave for 30 minutes. Do it once a week on the skin smooth, without dark spots.

Aloe vera
How to remove blackheads with aloe vera, aloe vera break the stem and rub the mucus in the region with black spots. Aloe vera is a smooth skin and accelerates the healing of the skin. The result, fresher skin, without buttons.

That's 7 ways to remove blackheads is to use natural ingredients that can help. To avoid drinking more water helps you as a white water to cleanse the digestive system and makes the skin radiant

Sabtu, 18 Februari 2012

Seven Ways To Reduce Stress

Seven ways to reduce stress

Many people experience stress-related mental strain, load or work load to another relationship when the internal pressure can be properly managed, is the driving force that the pain of living a kind of motivation caused.

Subsequently, however, when the internal pressure continues, not be described, also, causing a major problem of the adrenal hormones and brings to mind the disease of the immune system, causing serious problems.

Most people with depression caused by the immense suffering that suddenly, without being able to decipher.
The internal pressure of the problems comes when you make, we must learn to setbacks.
Cancer is closely linked to stress, usually six months for cancer of the esophagus, suffer from problems related to severe symptoms. If there is stress, you must learn to relax.
The breathing can affect brains wave frequency, the frequency of brain waves can affect the heart rate may affect heart rate lemasnya tense muscles to accelerate. Changes in other words, if this is of the type of respiratory muscle function and is better is applied to the treatment of patients which are directly vomiting.

A. Rub both hands.
If your eyes are tired, it is the most effective way to the bloodstream, stamina and willpower will happen again soon to help.

Second exercise
Shake your body, the mind turns immediately, at best, as regular exercise, as movement is
The best way to reduce the internal pressure. Moreover, barefoot in the grass may also be independent of the internal pressure,
The basic requirements should be done as a routine in daily life.

Third Sleeping
But now most people have trouble sleeping properly. According to statistics, doctors in Taiwan, there are five million people who sleep alone
with the aid of sleeping pills. Sleep is the technology, it must be recalled, if not the bed with his hands in front of the chest can lead to nightmares.
Nor do the size, stress on the organs of the body, the second best place on the side of the case body, palms facing up.
Time for more sleep, the fastest of the internal pressure is lost. But only in the new bed waiting very tired, sleeping harder still tired of sleeping in the liver damaged by
suffer twice, fatigue, and had no rest.

4th Breakfast.
However, to actually sleep while the rest are original works and replace it with a glance. . For example, do not eat at the table to the original work to do, try to bring food from home or by the company, not local, but a short time, not to mention most can eat a source of cancer. Try to bring their own food, eat toxic waste, I have this formula, after eating, so 15 minutes to something that has nothing to do at work. Rest
The schedule to do gymnastics with abdominal breathing, breathing to relax with a movement in itself.

Fifth Keep you eat and drink, do not consume foods with a high pressure, all the food, irritation of the food was the source of the pressure, the higher the consumption of these foods that the sympathetic nervous system is overloaded, sometimes in all functions of the body should not be disturbed. The so-called high-pressure diet? Coca-Cola, coffee, tea, alcohol, cigarettes, milk and meat products, all meats, especially processed foods with a high pressure oil derivatives.
What kind of food that can be useful for joy? Fruit, vegetables and grains. Drink the largest drop in water pressure.
Drinking water can reduce stress, drinking good quality water can relieve distress. (It should be noted that more than 80% of the disease directly related to the lack of drinking water sources).

6th Enjoy the sun.
The sun has the possibility of treatment. Many people with depression are people who do not like sunbathing, sunbathing and the sun often antibodies increases.

7th Lovemaking / ML
- Reduce Stress
Health Benefits of Sex is Great blood pressure and reduce the overall stress. This is, according to researchers from Scotland who reported their findings in the "biological psychology" of the magazine.
The study included 46 respondents who maintain a record of the money laundering operations. Then researchers will use him situations, stress, and record their blood pressure response to stress.
Those who had sex have better answers than those with other sexual activity or not.


Highway 7, only four ways to place on the time and place (in space and time) are different:

1) Exercise relaxes during lunch outside and rubbed his hands;
To 2 parts) Food and beverages is the diet, vitamins and minerals sufficient, if necessary;
3) ML with a legitimate partner in the evening (or morning) days in a safe and comfortable.
4) adequate sleep.

Can be dissolved in Article 1, 2, 3, with adequate rest.

Senin, 13 Februari 2012

Seven Ways to Eliminate Body Odor

Before you begin to eliminate body odor, it would be better if we know what causes body odor has occurred. The following article is very good at explaining the causes of body odor that I took on the Hope website can help ...
"We will sweat accrine product of two glands, glands and apocrine glands. Accrine gland produces sweat white, odorless, delivered babies, and usually on the hands, back and forehead to find. During the apocrine glands in some places, especially in the root zone of the hair as the armpits, genitals, and in the nose. active apocrine glands after puberty.
Accrine gland fluid that contains water and is odorless. The active fluid impairs the body at any given moment. Over the apocrine glands contains saturated fatty acids with more viscous fluids and oily.
In fact, the fluid through the fat does not feel apocrine glands were prepared. However, because each has a single strand of hair and apocrine bacteria that play a role in the decomposition process contains, there was an odor of body odor. Sometimes, there are people who have larger apocrine glands, resulting in a greater production of sweat and spoilage bacteria are also much more.
The smell of body odor is also influenced by genetic factors. There is no 100% guarantee. The key is how to maintain a healthy weight. Cleanliness of the body came from the clothes we wear regularly to the body or bath 2 times a day cleaning, and what we eat to keep.
Underarm hair also act increases the body odor. Medical field armpit hair extension should regulate the evaporation of sweat. At the base of the hair, there are many pores in the mouths of the sweat glands in the armpit sweat drain. Pen in the penis can be a pleasant body odor, but not because of the distance to the sense of smell, the smell, which was created to feel. As long as we are always on the cleanliness of the body to maintain body odor is not displayed. Because if the apocrine sweat glands removed product, the bacteria are not the degradation process.
The condition of the soul, such as stress or emotions have in fact also applies to the apocrine glands work more efficiently and productively, thus strengthening the body odor. Another factor is obesity leads to body odor. Sweating in overweight people, tend to be among the folds of skin taken.
If the apocrine sweat glands, but we do not clean up a bit and then mixed with bacteria, body odor is present in our body. Moreover, when we high protein foods such as meat goat to eat (because they dilate the blood vessels), durian, fried onions, smoking, alcohol and antibiotics.

For some people, to eliminate body odor is not a problem. Keep bath twice a day, use deodorant, spray a little perfume, body odor disappeared . But for some, as usual, is not such a quiet body odor.
Finally I take a variety of ways to eliminate my body odor. Not easy, but it worked. In just one month of my body odor that people want to vomit, lost immediately. And if you want, here are some ways that I take:

1.Betel leaf decoction for a drink per day

2.Eat the basil leaves at least one day per mobile

3.Apply cucumber slices after every shower in the armpits and other body parts, the smell

4.Do not eat fatty foods, especially meat

5.The reduction in spicy foods

6.Do not drink coffee with caffeine

7.Wear is the deodorant spray (a form of fixed or roll-on, only to forearm wet / damp armpits to make, leaving marks on clothes anyway)

 I do not know how to count, how much most effective for my body odor . to remove, but I think the way the seventh is the right combination. The hammer will try for a month, I can guarantee you the results (also No. 7 Road was rare, because I do not see, smell my armpits anymore). If I could, why not?

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Seven Tips Natural White

Do you think aging as the worst moment in your life? Most men and women that will be used on the site for me so worried, because their almost 30 years and more were launched in the 40's.

However, you do not need to take care of as something that if you, as you know your physical body and mind to continue to see. It may be difficult for some people, but in reality it is much easier to maintain, you take your body. You only need the routine, you feel refreshed and happy to take all the time. Therefore, please note the following seven tips. By doing these things as quickly as possible, more than likely, you have a beautiful skin.

1) Drink plenty of water each day helps your skin moisture, when your body is cleansed and toxin elimination. Hydrated skin makes you look younger, because they are more plump and clean trend. So do not forget the inclusion of eight glasses of water to the skin to shine, to reach young and healthy to calculate.

2) Eat a healthy balanced diet is the secret to keeping your skin supple and intact tissue. Diet should include all major food groups. Rich in fiber are fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables, a staple food, like you, rejuvenate your skin to see and feel every day. They contain vitamins and minerals are very important because they repair damaged tissues and cells of the skin and maintain youthful skin. You can also get rid of grease, fat and salt to get your diet. They are easy to achieve the goal of a healthy diet damage.

3) other factors important for a glowing skin feel and perfect for a stronger body and regular exercise should be at least three times per week. It is your sweat and toxins in your body. Be also do wonders in keeping your skin clean and fresh. Moreover, you feel healthier and stronger.

4) Keep your skin to prevent in good condition when exposed to sunlight and UV rays. The sun is the main factor that can harm the skin. It may even be you premature wrinkles and lines. If you can not stay away from the sun, you need at least a sunscreen or sunblock is good for protecting your skin from the harmful rays. It is nice tan, but if you're not careful, the worst case lead to skin cancer.

5) Quit smoking. And do not drink alcohol, limit your intake. Smoking is the best way to damage your skin. It contains chemicals that your skin will age faster. Excessive alcohol consumption is dangerous. It makes your heart is full and therefore better able clean your body of toxins.

6) Use the supplied anti-aging skin care ingredients such as antioxidants and retinol, vitamin C, A and ceramides. You are doing wonders in improving your skin easily damaged.

7) Finally, keep a positive attitude in life. Still, stress-free life. Life is sometimes difficult, but if your body is repeatedly stressed, your body chemicals that can cause disease in solving physically or mentally. Lack of sleep and lack of exercise is good, it's not good for your body and skin. Not only the skin, which will be affected, but also your hair. And they can really make you look years older than your actual age.

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7 Ways to Maintain Healthy Hair

As a patron's head, the hair was one factor supporting your appearance. Many people check their hair in the mirror every day. However, there are various problems that could befall him. Various problems such as dandruff on the hair, gray hair, and hair loss has become a concern for many people.
As the crown of a woman, hair is an important part of the interface. Beautiful hair and manicured course will increase the attractiveness of a person. That is why the hair needs special attention. One treatment on the hair, will result in a dull and damaged hair. How to keep hair beautiful and charming?

In order for the hair and scalp hygiene maintained, at least try to clean the child's hair every other day. Instead, activities for children do not wash your hair too long. One or two minutes was enough. After that, rinse thoroughly. Hair hygiene can help to smooth the blood circulation to the scalp. The hair is clean also helps reduce stress and help the metabolic network in order to keep growing and developing normally. Head lice were not given a chance to live. Fragrant hair, clean and fresh.

While the baby, washing can be done once or twice a week. Remember, the baby's hair is not too dirty, but do not spend a lot of sweat. Selebat baby's hair nor hair of adults. Once a week clean the scalp using baby oil then wash immediately.

It is recommended to buy a good quality shampoo that can remove the oil, the head scales, and make the little hairs become more weak, easily combed, and do not wrinkle. There are many choices of shampoo for children. As for the baby, look for the active ingredients do not irritate the eyes and do not trigger allergies.

3 Think about the SELECT COMB
Use a gap-toothed comb or hair brush that is not sharp. Sisiri hair gently. If not, any-one how little hair damage and even loss. Make your hair combed this event as a platform to show compassion and to attach.

Hair health is closely related to the selection of the proper comb. Unfavorable comb will easily cause hair damage or loss. Avoid buying a comb made of nylon because of the risk of causing the hair to break easily. Although it looks stylish, made of metal combs can also damage the hair. Do not forget to clean the brush from the rest of the hair that stuck. Wash with warm water until clean. For baby, always use a soft baby comb.

4. Haircut
Cut hair regularly. In addition to keeping up appearances, short hair also allows parents to keep the hair clean. Hair cutting is also useful to the ends of hair to remain healthy, not branched, brittle, or dry. Even for infants, parents can shave a child within a certain time. In addition to the baby's scalp hair and easy to clean, new hair will grow more dense and black.

5. Consumption of nutritious foods
Healthy hair requires good nutrition. Inadequate intake of protein and vitamins can make hair loss, dullness, redness, dandruff, and eventually fall out. Remember, vitamins and nutrients play a role in supporting the strength and health of hair. Vitamin B complex, for example, if the intake is less able to cause dull hair, dandruff is also flourishing. While vitamin C can maintain the strength of the hair roots. Remember the roots of the hair plays a role in the overall hair health. Through akarlah, all nutrients are absorbed and distributed to the hair. Also at risk for iron deficiency cause hair loss. Sulfur was also instrumental in giving luster to the hair. The content of these nutrients can be found in fish, eggs, and others. While fat plays a role in maintaining hair strength, in addition to hair luster.

For infants, it is advisable to consume breast milk exclusively. This is because breast milk is rich nutritional content, can not be matched by infant formula or other nutrients.

Exercise is good for health. However, the activity is also potentially damaging to the hair. If long hair, tie and clamp up. Make sure the hair does not impede the movement and sight of children. The use of a headband or headband can also be a solution. In addition to stylish look, his hair was more awake. When using a head covering or a bandana, choose one that quickly absorb sweat so it does not accumulate on the scalp. Remember, sweat dry deposition can damage the hair roots.

7. Stay away from SUNLIGHT
Sun can damage the hair. That is why, when traveling in the hot sun, try to wear a hat or umbrella. Keep your hair protected from the sun.