Rabu, 18 Januari 2012

Seven World's Most Expensive Foods

Saffron in the Indonesian language means a kind of turmeric.
Saffron grows almost all over the world, was taken from
"Saffron Crocus Flower". One pound dried saffron requires a 50,000-
75,000 flowers, and therefore required a large number of workers in
to get it. Saffron price between $ 500 to $ 5,000 per pound

2.Almas Caviar
The word 'almas' in Russian means discussing diamonds, and therefore called caviar
most expensive in the world. In the pack in 24K gold. This caviar prices reached $ 23.308
per ounce

Mushroom Truffle 3.White
Fungus that grows d Piedmont, an area in northern Italy. usually sold
with the price of $ 1.350 to $ 2.700 per pound

Beef that has exceptional taste. Because sapi2nya treated with
special, given the special makanan2 including beer and sake.
Wagyu prices range between $ 40 - $ 150 per pound

Civet 5.Kopi
Most expensive coffee in the world. This coffee comes from Indonesia
It costs $ 300 per pound or more. . .

6. "Diamonds-Are-Forever" martini
It costs $ 16,000 and can only be found at the Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo, Japan

7.Kona nigari Water
This is the most expensive water in the world. Concentrated seaweed is sold at a price
$ 16.75 per ounce, we must mix with plain water before consumption. 1 gallon price
could reach $ 2,000 or more

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